Current open positions:

Lab manager

Postdoctoral scholar

Staff scientist

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Why join the Norris Lab?

The Norris Lab is a professional, supportive, and dynamic environment. We are dedicated to innovative science carried out to high standards. We support individual growth to pursue career, professional, and personal goals.

Lab Manager

  • Active partner in building, maintaining, and supporting an excellent lab environment
  • Contribute to exciting research projects crossing typical disciplines
  • Mentor junior lab members

Staff Scieitist

  • Bring your expereince and expertise to help build a scitiific program with a broad perspective on the roles on hypothalamic circuits
  • Help develop diverse projects using EEG, optogentics, chemogentics, opensource software tools, fiber photometry, and
  • Be an active contibutior to setting the direction and growth of projects

Post-Doctoral Scholar

  • Students finishing a doctoral degree or have already completed a PhD (or eqivalent) please reach out via email to discuss you career goals and scieitifc interests