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Kappa opioid receptor activation increases thermogenic energy expenditure which drives increased feeding

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Parabrachial opioidergic projections to preoptic hypothalamus mediate behavioral and physiological thermal defenses.

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Achieving tight control of a photoactivatable Cre recombinase gene switch: new design strategies and functional characterization in mammalian cells and rodent.

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Wireless, battery-free optoelectronic systems as subdermal implants for local tissue oximetry.

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Stretchable multichannel antennas in soft wireless optoelectronic implants for optogenetics.

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CRH Engagement of the Locus Coeruleus Noradrenergic System Mediates Stress-Induced Anxiety.

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I(A) channels encoded by Kv1.4 and Kv4.2 regulate neuronal firing in the suprachiasmatic nucleus and circadian rhythms in locomotor activity.

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The sodium channel accessory subunit Navβ1 regulates neuronal excitability through modulation of repolarizing voltage-gated K⁺ channels. 

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Augmentation of Kv4.2-encoded currents by accessory dipeptidyl peptidase 6 and 10 subunits reflects selective cell surface Kv4.2 protein stabilization. 

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Interdependent roles for accessory KChIP2, KChIP3, and KChIP4 subunits in the generation of Kv4-encoded IA channels in cortical pyramidal neurons.

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Molecular dissection of I(A) in cortical pyramidal neurons reveals three distinct components encoded by Kv4.2, Kv4.3, and Kv1.4 alpha-subunits.

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